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Accomplishments of the Foothills Landscape Management Forum

A brief, chronological list of the Forums successes to date:

  • Funded a caribou maternity pen for the Little Smoky herd in 2005–06
  • Participated in the West Central Caribou Landscape Planning Team 2006–08
  • Developed the Berland Smoky Integrated Industrial Access Plan 2006-08 (primary corridors)
  • Funded a seismic line vegetation inventory for the Little Smoky caribou range in 2009–10
  • Developed the Berland Smoky Regional Access Development (RAD) Plan 2010–11 (primary and secondary corridors) as approved under GOA IL2013-01
  • Coordinated with FSCP to complete approximately 800 stream crossing inspections within the Berland Smoky RAD Plan boundary 2010–11
  • Funded a seismic line vegetation inventory for the A la Peche caribou range in 2012–13
  • Won a “Shared Footprints” Alberta Emerald Award for the Berland Smoky RAD Plan in 2012
  • Created a Berland Smoky Reclamation Plan (Phase One: Access Redundancies) in 2012–13
  • Completed integrated disturbance modeling for GOA caribou planning in 2014–15
  • Provided funding to fRI Research’s Caribou Program for various projects 2014–16
  • Created Phase 1 of a Restoration Plan for the Little Smoky and A la Peche caribou ranges 2015–16
  • Participated in ongoing work with Weyerhaeuser for planning in Redrock/Prairie Creek and Narraway caribou ranges 2014–ongoing
  • Supported and co-managed the AWN Caribou Patrol from 2012–ongoing
  • Created and maintained an as-built inventory of lineal disturbances (updated annually since 2006)
  • Regional Access Management Plan (RAMP) pilot project in Little Smoky caribou range 2017–19
  • Co-managed a Traditional Land Use Study for the AWN within Weyerhaeuser’s FMA south of Grande Prairie, AB 2018–20